My Crossdresser Husband and His Secret

My crossdresser husband has been going through my clothes again in the hopes of finding something that will fit him. The funny thing is that he doesn’t think I know about his little fetish. He feels that he has kept it under concealment for the entire time that we have known each other, but he hasn’t. In fact, I knew he was a crossdresser before we actually met as I knew his sister in college. She shared a lot about her brother when she got drunk and I found it all rather interesting, which is why I wanted to meet him.

I let my crossdresser husband keep his secret because it’s something he feels he has to maintain. I think that if he knew that I was okay with his little fetish that it would take some of the thrill out of it for him. I don’t want him to lose the thrill of wearing womens clothing so I don’t say anything to him about it. I do, however, purchase a few items that I think he might like to wear and mix them in with my clothes. They are a little big for me so I know he can wear them.


I love my crossdresser husband with all of my heart and I support him with his fetish. When he decides to let me know about it, I will be happy for him and show him the support that he wants. Until then, I will keep my mouth shut and hope that the small presents I find for him are making him happy when he wears them. As long as he stops trying to wear my panties and stretch them all out to where I can’t wear them anymore, then all is good with me. I bet he really looks cute in the things I picked out for him, too. I kind of wish he would let me see him in them.


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Living Peacefully and Happily with my Crossdresser Husband

My crossdresser husband has been doing everything in his power to keep his lifestyle a secret, but I have known about it from the first day we stared dating. Its rather difficult to hide the fact that you are wearing pink panties when you are trying to change a tire and your shirt isn’t long enough to cover up your butt. As soon as he bent over, I knew this was going to be a very interesting date. I didn’t tell him I knew, though, as I wanted to see what he was going to do about it.

It took him almost two years before my crossdresser husband finally admitted to wearing womens clothing. Of course it was hard for him not to admit it when I came home from work three hours early and he was wearing one of my dresses and panties while watching television in the living room. I just smiled at him when I walked in the door and told him to not stretch any of my clothes out while he was wearing them. Naturally, he was in shock that he had gotten caught, but I didn’t care all that much as I loved him for who he was and not what he was wearing.

After all of these years, my crossdresser husband still feels a bit nervous when he is wearing anything that isn’t masculine around the house. It’s like he feels that I am going to leave him because I think he is some kind of freak, but that isn’t the truth at all. I wouldn’t care if he walked around the house in a see-through teddy and high heels as long as he was happy. I think that is the most important thing I can offer him in this relationship and I hope others out there will consider doing the same thing with their husbands.




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Playing with my Crossdresser Husband

 Pussy style swimsuit


Ever since the day that I found I was married to a crossdresser husband, I have had the most fun with him! You see, he had tried his best to keep it a secret from me but, one day, he did the laundry and accidently got his unmentionables mixed up with some of mine. Well, I knew that they didn’t belong to me! I mean, my ass may be a bit on the cushy side, but it is nowhere near the size of my husband’s. So I took the bull by the horn and marched right into the living room where he was watching a ball game. I stood in the middle of the floor dangling several pairs of his panties from my fingertips.


My crossdresser husband caved pretty quickly once he understood just how busted he was. He was really mortified that his secret had been discovered. After trying to stammer out an explanation, I finally took pity on him and stopped him. I told him that I really didn’t give a damn what sort of clothing he liked to wear and that he should have told me much sooner. Then I went over to him and gave him a huge kiss.


I left the room and returned with my stack of Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs. We sat and pored over them for hours. As a reward for him finally admitting his secret to me, we ordered some new things for him as well as for me. It was so much fun and served as a very strong bonding moment for us. When the new things arrived, we both got all dressed up and went out for a night on the town. You should have seen how many men tried to pick up my crossdresser husband! He looked so hot and sexy! He was quite well put together and no one realized that he was a guy in drag. It’s not the last time we did something like that. This has put a new kind of sexy kink in our lives and we both love it!


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Introducing Your Crossdresser Husband


When you have a crossdresser husband, you need to make sure that your friends and family know about it in a way that they will accept him. Now there are some husbands in the world that won’t want anyone but their wives to know about it, but some are a little more open and enjoy going out in public all dolled up. If this is your husband, then you are going to need to talk to the people in your life to let them know what to expect when they see him for the first time.

Discussing the fact that you have a crossdresser husband is not the easiest thing in the world to do and everyone is going to react differently. There is no one way to explain to these people what your husband enjoys doing in his free time, or why he chooses to do it, for that matter. But you know the people in your life and you should be able to ascertain how they might react to this kind of knowledge. If you find that you can’t sit down and talk to them, then maybe it is time for them to meet your new “friend” at a club or restaurant sometime.

Once they realize your crossdresser husband isn’t a complete freak of nature, they will usually accept him into the fold fairly easily. If they do think he is a freak and want nothing to do with you or him anymore, there really isn’t much of a loss. These people aren’t open minded enough to let other people enjoy their lives and, sooner or later, they would have a negative effect on you anyway. It’s better to get them out in the beginning than to have them simmering in the background waiting to explode on you. At least that is the way most people would feel about it all.

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A Crossdresser Husband and His Jealous Wife

I am a crossdresser husband that gets a lot of flak for the way I want to live my life. The funny thing is that most of it comes from my wife. My friends all know about my lifestyle and even the majority of my family know my secret, but my wife thinks there is something wrong with me. I think it has to do with the fact that I can usually find sexier outfits than she can and I look better in my lingerie than she does. Not that she doesn’t look good, mind yo; she just thinks I look better and it bothers her.

I can’t help it if her crossdresser husband looks better in lingerie than she does, but it’s something I have had to live with my entire life. I have even tried buying lingerie that I felt would make her look better than me and that didn’t work, either. I think it is my bone structure that makes me so sexy in whatever lingerie I am wearing. She thinks it is a curse. I can understand how she feels about it and it’s not like she is upset with me. She is just not happy with the outcome.





One of these days I will find something that proves that I, as a crossdresser husband, could never be sexier than my beautiful wife. Until that day comes around, though, I am going to have as much fun with it as I possibly can. I will pick on her and tease her every time I put something on that belongs to her. That really drives her mad, but it is one of those things I just can’t seem to stop doing. She has some really sexy things in her closet and it’s not my fault that I look better in them than she does when she has them on.


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My Crossdresser Husband and Helping Come Out


My crossdresser husband has been out for a long time with his family, but his friends have no idea what he enjoys getting up to. I tried to tell him that they probably wouldn’t mind it at all if he was wearing womens clothing, but he thinks they would end up thinking he was weird or something. I told him that he is weird and that is the reason he and his friends all got along so well. He didn’t find it all that funny, though, and decided to end the conversation all together.

Just me in a fem style suit, pussy look

So I took it upon myself to find out if my crossdresser husband friends would still accept him if they knew his secret. A few of them seem to find crossdressing a bit strange but not a big deal and two of them didn’t want to talk about it anymore. In fact, they kind of acted like my husband does when I try to push the issue with him about telling his friends. That is when I realized that we needed to have a dress party so that I could see which ones would come as women and my husband could find out he wasn’t alone.

The party went very well and my crossdresser husband has found that almost every one of his friends enjoys getting dressed up at times. Some more than others, but the fact is that he was worried about how they were going to react to him dressing up when they all do it as well. The couple that didn’t dress up had no issues with it, either and now they can all go out dressed up if they want to. He has become a lot happier in his life and doesn’t get all upset whenever I mention that I was right and he was wrong about everything.

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A Night Out With My Crossdresser Husband


My crossdresser husband has always been afraid of what would happen when his friends find out about his fetish. He just knew that they would look at him in a completely different light, which is probably true, and he didn’t want to risk losing any of them as friends. I decided that it was about time that he showed everyone who he truly was even if they didn’t realize that it was him they were seeing. So I made him get all dolled up and we headed out for the night as two girlfriends going out to have some fun.


The first place my crossdressing husband and I went was the bar where his friends were always hanging out. He was scared to go in at first, but I convinced him to go along with the plan. We would just say that he was an old friend of mine from college and that he was at home with the kids. He just had to remember that cover story when his friends mentioned that they saw me and a beautiful woman at the bar the next time they spoke with him. Thankfully, he was completely dressed up and didn’t look anything like he normally did.

The evening with his friends was pleasant and only one of them kept hitting on my crossdresser husband. He was able to keep them at bay all night long and I have never been prouder of him. He ended up having the time of his life and realized that his friends were actually pretty open minded about certain things. He still hasn’t told any of them that he was the one at the bar that night, but he has started breaking a few of them in slowly. I think this is exactly what he needs in order to find the confidence to continue discovering the person that he really is.


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Coming out of the Crossdresser Husband Closet



Living the life of a crossdresser husband isn’t as difficult as some people might think it is. There seems to be a lot of people in the world, at least people that I have met in my life, that think crossdressing is something that you have to work hard to keep as a secret. I always tell them that I don’t keep my crossdressing lifestyle a secret, which is usually pretty evident since they are actually talking to me about it. If it was a secret, then they wouldn’t be asking me how difficult it is to keep it a secret. Later, she adjusted to the idea, though, and now even helps me select things to wear when I’m going to be in public wearing my feminine clothes.

I know there are some guys that live as a crossdresser husband and do everything they can to make sure that only their partner knows about their lifestyle. I have found that keeping something like this a secret, which I did for a long time, didn’t bring the amount of happiness that I have had since giving in and letting go of that secret. My wife wasn’t too thrilled about me dressing in a skirt and blouse and going out on the town, but it was something that I felt I needed to do in order to be happy.


While putting the fact that I am a crossdresser husband out into the public view worked for me; it doesn’t work for everyone. If you are thinking about letting go of your secret, then you need to consider the reactions that you are going to get from people in your area. Some people are going to be tolerant and it won’t bother them while others are going to be belligerent and want to throw rocks at you or something. You should consider things like this when you decide whether or not to let the world know about your secret. Of course you should also make sure you have a womanly figure before parading around downtown in a mini skirt. It can make all the difference in how you’re received.


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A Crossdresser Husband and the Perfect Partner

Being a crossdresser husband doesn’t have to be as difficult as most guys would think. You can have the excitement you want from wearing womens clothing with your partner much easier these days than it ever was in the past. People are much more open minded about things like that now than they used to be, but the most important part is being in a relationship with someone that understands you and your needs. If you can find someone that understands you on that type of level, then it doesn’t really matter what anyone else happens to think about you and the way you dress.



I have been a crossdresser husband my entire life. Well, maybe not a husband. That has been a fairly recent event in my life. But crossdressing has been something I have always done usually in the privacy of my bedroom when no one else was around. Finding a partner that I could share this fascinating aspect of my life with is absolutely amazing for me. I had spent so many years trying to hide it from people and now I am being encouraged to show it to the world.

As a crossdresser husband that found out what a true partner is all about, I will tell you that I would hate to have to go back to living my life the way I used to. The constant hiding of who I really was got to me on more than one occasion. But now I don’t have to worry about any of that because my wife is more than happy with me regardless of what I am wearing. She even buys me new dresses when she sees something she thinks I might enjoy. That is the kind of partner that makes a crossdresser happy to be with.


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Getting to Know a Crossdresser Husband


If you have never met a crossdresser husband, then it’s probably because you haven’t seen them dressed up in their women’s clothing. You see, most of these guys are simply walking around telling everyone they meet that they are crossdressers. Now, there are some that wear their clothing out in public with their wives but, even then, most people probably wouldn’t realize that it was a guy wearing that dress. Most of them look so sexy that even when they are dressed like a man they don’t really look the part. It’s definitely a lifestyle that surprises a lot of people once they realize what is going on.


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I know a Crossdresser husband that enjoys letting people know about his lifestyle. He doesn’t tell complete strangers why he dresses in this manner, but if you ask him why he chooses to wear a dress; he will tell you. I asked him once if it was only the dress that he wore or if he went all the way and basically became a female. He told me that it would be pointless to wear a dress if you weren’t wearing all the other articles of clothing that a typical woman would wear along with it.


I have thought about being a crossdresser husband a few times, but I really don’t have the kind of body that someone would need in order to look sexy in this manner. Although I could see myself wearing some sexy underclothes once in a while. I guess if people didn’t have to see me in my womens clothing, then it wouldn’t be all that bad. I am sure my wife would enjoy seeing me walking around the bedroom in some of her panties or something and that just might end up being my introduction into becoming a crossdresser myself. Maybe that is exactly what I need to do to get started.