Crossdresser Husband with Understanding Wife

Crossdresser Husband with Understanding Wife

Being a crossdresser husband, I know how difficult it is on my wife to find clothing options for me. I feel kind of upset with the fact that I can’t help her out all that much especially since I spend most of my time on the road as a truck driver. But she always pulls through in the end and finds me something that I can wear that makes my cross-dressing lifestyle all that much more intense for me. Of course, I am usually only wearing my items when I am by myself in my truck, so even if they aren’t the most fashionable no one would ever notice.

Since I am a crossdresser husband and my wife loves me anyway, I feel that we have a very special relationship. She didn’t know about my penchant to wear women’s clothing until after we got married and she caught me trying on some of her clothes one day. While she was very surprised to see what it was that I was wearing, she did say that it kind of turned her on a bit. Ever since then we can only have sex as long as I am wearing something extremely sexy and feminine for her.


Mens swimwear: bikinis, thongs. G-strings



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