Crossdresser Husband always fem

To be a Crossdresser Husband you are in a world where your man or women keeps, wants and desires you to be feminine. This can be a beautiful thing as the Crossdresser Husband gets to feel what it is like to be a women. A Crossdresser Husband might also be interested in female style sex and it has been documented that nearly 78% of Crossdresser Husband men engage in anal sex as their main outlet for sexual gratification. Part of becoming feminine is about transformation and the main transformation is the penis to vagina look for men. The ultimate supplier of male transformation wear is mens swimwear, spandex fetish wear, fem wear and spandex sex wear. They offer designs and toys to train theĀ feminine Crossdresser Husband how to handle anal sex if he is new to it. Training is they key to getting them to do their best!


Crossdresser Husband wearing a transformation suit

Crossdresser Husband wearing a transformation suit male to female