Crossdresser Husband and Letting the Cat out of the Bag

Crossdresser Husband and Letting the Cat out of the Bag

Being a crossdresser husband is bad enough when your wife doesn’t want you to be yourself out in public, but what do you do when your wife isn’t even aware that you are a crossdresser? We have only been married for a few months now and I never shared the secret of my cross dressing fetish with her, which I admit was a complete mistake on my part. I just didn’t want her to think that I was absolutely nuts for wanting to look pretty and dress in the sexiest clothing I could find. So I thought it may be too late for me to mention it now.

I didn’t think she would enjoy the crossdresser husband aspect quite as much as I do but I reached the point where I didn’t know if I can hide it from her for much longer. I was sneaking panties in my briefcase and changing into them at work because I didn’t want her seeing me wearing them around the house. Finally, I decided that  it was time to sit down and let my secret out and hope that she understood that I am the same guy she married; just in sexy red thong panties rather than boxers.

So I finally told my wife that I am a crossdresser husband and was fairly surprised at her response. Apparently she knew about it all along since I pretty much suck at hiding things. She found my collection of panties a long time ago and knew about me sneaking them to work so I could wear them. She figured I would come out and tell her when I was ready to and she accepted the fact that I enjoy looking sexy and only wanted me to promise to not stretch out any of her items. It’s great to have such an open minded relationship with someone that can understand you and accept you for who you are these days. I’m so glad I trusted her!


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