Getting to Know a Crossdresser Husband


If you have never met a crossdresser husband, then it’s probably because you haven’t seen them dressed up in their women’s clothing. You see, most of these guys are simply walking around telling everyone they meet that they are crossdressers. Now, there are some that wear their clothing out in public with their wives but, even then, most people probably wouldn’t realize that it was a guy wearing that dress. Most of them look so sexy that even when they are dressed like a man they don’t really look the part. It’s definitely a lifestyle that surprises a lot of people once they realize what is going on.


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I know a Crossdresser husband that enjoys letting people know about his lifestyle. He doesn’t tell complete strangers why he dresses in this manner, but if you ask him why he chooses to wear a dress; he will tell you. I asked him once if it was only the dress that he wore or if he went all the way and basically became a female. He told me that it would be pointless to wear a dress if you weren’t wearing all the other articles of clothing that a typical woman would wear along with it.


I have thought about being a crossdresser husband a few times, but I really don’t have the kind of body that someone would need in order to look sexy in this manner. Although I could see myself wearing some sexy underclothes once in a while. I guess if people didn’t have to see me in my womens clothing, then it wouldn’t be all that bad. I am sure my wife would enjoy seeing me walking around the bedroom in some of her panties or something and that just might end up being my introduction into becoming a crossdresser myself. Maybe that is exactly what I need to do to get started.