My Crossdresser Husband and His Secret

My crossdresser husband has been going through my clothes again in the hopes of finding something that will fit him. The funny thing is that he doesn’t think I know about his little fetish. He feels that he has kept it under concealment for the entire time that we have known each other, but he hasn’t. In fact, I knew he was a crossdresser before we actually met as I knew his sister in college. She shared a lot about her brother when she got drunk and I found it all rather interesting, which is why I wanted to meet him.

I let my crossdresser husband keep his secret because it’s something he feels he has to maintain. I think that if he knew that I was okay with his little fetish that it would take some of the thrill out of it for him. I don’t want him to lose the thrill of wearing womens clothing so I don’t say anything to him about it. I do, however, purchase a few items that I think he might like to wear and mix them in with my clothes. They are a little big for me so I know he can wear them.


I love my crossdresser husband with all of my heart and I support him with his fetish. When he decides to let me know about it, I will be happy for him and show him the support that he wants. Until then, I will keep my mouth shut and hope that the small presents I find for him are making him happy when he wears them. As long as he stops trying to wear my panties and stretch them all out to where I can’t wear them anymore, then all is good with me. I bet he really looks cute in the things I picked out for him, too. I kind of wish he would let me see him in them.


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Introducing Your Crossdresser Husband


When you have a crossdresser husband, you need to make sure that your friends and family know about it in a way that they will accept him. Now there are some husbands in the world that won’t want anyone but their wives to know about it, but some are a little more open and enjoy going out in public all dolled up. If this is your husband, then you are going to need to talk to the people in your life to let them know what to expect when they see him for the first time.

Discussing the fact that you have a crossdresser husband is not the easiest thing in the world to do and everyone is going to react differently. There is no one way to explain to these people what your husband enjoys doing in his free time, or why he chooses to do it, for that matter. But you know the people in your life and you should be able to ascertain how they might react to this kind of knowledge. If you find that you can’t sit down and talk to them, then maybe it is time for them to meet your new “friend” at a club or restaurant sometime.

Once they realize your crossdresser husband isn’t a complete freak of nature, they will usually accept him into the fold fairly easily. If they do think he is a freak and want nothing to do with you or him anymore, there really isn’t much of a loss. These people aren’t open minded enough to let other people enjoy their lives and, sooner or later, they would have a negative effect on you anyway. It’s better to get them out in the beginning than to have them simmering in the background waiting to explode on you. At least that is the way most people would feel about it all.

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A Crossdresser Husband and His Jealous Wife

I am a crossdresser husband that gets a lot of flak for the way I want to live my life. The funny thing is that most of it comes from my wife. My friends all know about my lifestyle and even the majority of my family know my secret, but my wife thinks there is something wrong with me. I think it has to do with the fact that I can usually find sexier outfits than she can and I look better in my lingerie than she does. Not that she doesn’t look good, mind yo; she just thinks I look better and it bothers her.

I can’t help it if her crossdresser husband looks better in lingerie than she does, but it’s something I have had to live with my entire life. I have even tried buying lingerie that I felt would make her look better than me and that didn’t work, either. I think it is my bone structure that makes me so sexy in whatever lingerie I am wearing. She thinks it is a curse. I can understand how she feels about it and it’s not like she is upset with me. She is just not happy with the outcome.





One of these days I will find something that proves that I, as a crossdresser husband, could never be sexier than my beautiful wife. Until that day comes around, though, I am going to have as much fun with it as I possibly can. I will pick on her and tease her every time I put something on that belongs to her. That really drives her mad, but it is one of those things I just can’t seem to stop doing. She has some really sexy things in her closet and it’s not my fault that I look better in them than she does when she has them on.


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Trying to be a Good Crossdresser Husband

Trying to be a Good Crossdresser Husband

Being a Crossdresser husband can be difficult at times. It’s not that my wife thinks that I am a pervert or anything but it’s more along the lines of her becoming annoyed at me for wearing all of her new clothes before she gets a chance to try them on. I think she feels like I am going to stretch them all out or something, which would be fairly easy to do since she is a lot smaller than I am. But just because I want to try them all on doesn’t mean that I am actually going to do something like that to her.


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As a Crossdresser husband, I know that the clothes my wife buys are strictly for her and that I can admire them when she is wearing them. If I want to wear them, then I am going to have to find some that will fit my body and that usually isn’t all that easy to do. I even tried making my own clothes once and failed miserably at it. I just don’t have the knack for using a sewing machine that most people do, I guess, and getting them hand tailored by a professional usually ends up costing way too much money.


I have found a few sites online that cater to the Crossdresser husband lifestyle and I can usually find the latest styles and designs there, which are made specifically for men. But there are some designs that my wife brings home from the store that I simply can’t find anywhere. I think it would be a great idea if someone started talking to the designers of these ladies fashions and got them to make some in sizes that men like me can wear comfortably. If they could do that, then I would never have to worry about stretching my wife’s clothes out ever again and she would have no reason to become irritated with me about it.

The Perfect Wife for a Crossdresser Husband

Crossdresser Husband

The Perfect Wife for a Crossdresser Husband

Being a crossdresser husband isn’t the worst thing in the world unless your wife doesn’t know anything about it. I tried hiding it from my wife for the first couple of years that we were married and thought I was doing a pretty good job of it for the most part. That was until I opened an anniversary present and it was a matching bra and panties set that she had picked out for me. Turns out she knew about it before we even got married and didn’t want me to feel ashamed to tell her for those first couple of years.

Now I am a crossdresser husband that can freely express his feelings whenever I want to. She does prefer that I am not all dressed up when we go out to dinner and stuff, but she has taken me to the mall a couple of times shopping while I was dressed up. I must say that living this lifestyle as a secret was one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life, but now it has taken all the weight off my shoulders. I am very lucky to have a wife that allows me to explore this side of my life and buy some of the sexiest things I have ever seen for me.

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Tricking My Crossdresser Husband

Tricking My Crossdresser Husband

If you have a crossdresser husband like I do, then you know what it’s like to pull out a pair of your favorite panties and find that they have been stretched out beyond belief. I don’t fault him for wanting to live his life in a way that makes him happy, but I would like it if he stayed out of my panty draw and started purchasing some of his own from now on. That is why I started looking for male panties that would fit him and look as sexy as the ones that I have. Now, I just have to get him to wear them.

My crossdresser husband loves wearing my clothes, but when I purchase something for him he doesn’t seem to wear them all that often. So I have devised a plan to put his new panties in my panty draw. In this way, he will think they are mine and will wear them all the time and save me from having to wear stretched out panties. If this goes according to plan, then I will start buying him a lot more feminine clothing and putting them over in my drawers so that he can find them whenever he wants to and I can have the clothes that I love to wear as well.


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Knowing When to Come Out as a Crossdresser Husband

Crossdresser Husband

Knowing When to Come Out as a Crossdresser Husband

I am one of those crossdresser husbands that likes to keep his fetish side a secret from everyone. I never go out wearing one simple piece or even wear panties under my work clothes. When I go out dressed up, I tend to go all the way and never acknowledge people that I might know from work or the neighborhood. I always play the innocent female role so that I can fully experience that side of my inner being. My wife thinks I’m a bit odd for doing things this way, but she doesn’t hound me about it as much these days.

The funny thing about being a crossdresser husband is the fact that I won’t even tell my wife when I am about to change. I think keeping it a surprise is quite entertaining although I have stopped doing it on nights that we have planned to go out together. The last time I did this we had to meet her parents in town at some fancy restaurant and they weren’t exactly happy that I had shown up completely made over and looking as sexy as ever in my new high heels. She wouldn’t speak to me for almost two weeks over that little mistake.


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Crossdresser husband wearing micro undies / swimwear by

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Crossdresser Husband and Stretching Out the Wife’s Clothes

Crossdresser Husband

Crossdresser Husband and Stretching Out the Wife’s Clothes

My crossdresser husband has a tendency to wear all of my clothing and stretches them out to something that I just can’t handle wearing anymore. When I point it out to him, he always laughs and tells me that since I can’t wear that particular item any longer, then he will be more than happy to take it from me. I have gone through a lot of clothing in this manner and it kind of upsets me. Sure, he looks cute in my clothes, but I like to think that I look cute in them as well.

If you have a crossdresser husband, then you might want to consider either purchasing him his own clothing to wear or figuring out a way of becoming the same size as your husband so that he doesn’t stretch them out any more. Now, the easiest thing to do is to purchase clothing for him if you happen to have the money to do things like that. Of course, you will have to know his size and be able to convert it into women’s measurements and that isn’t the easiest thing in the world for some people to be able to manage on a regular basis. But it’s certainly worth the effort if you can keep your own clothes.


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Is your husband a crossdreser?

Everyone’s Cross Dresser Husband


I was surprised to find out that one of my good friends way back in middle school has become a cross dresser husband. I attended this huge reunion for my college and he was there working as a a cross dresser husband. It was amazing that he wasn’t really ashamed of what he was doing and I think he deserves some kind of credit for that.


It’s really amazing at how it’s possible to become a cross dresser husband even without that much experience on your part. In fact these days I have been contemplating on trying it out for myself and surprising my wife with too. Our sex life has kind of become boring and we are looking for something different.

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I think it’s a great idea to become a cross dresser husband not to mention it can also make up for all the household expenses we have at the moment because there’s a competition for it really soon as far as I know.


Don’t even think of joining this cross dresser husband competition because I am sure that no one can really win against me because I am already working hard for this would-be competition.

Cross dresser husband stories

I was feeling quite bored the other day when I decided to simply look around for cross dresser husband stories. I don’t really know what go into my head thinking of going after this kind of stories but I guess it’s pretty common among people to search for it. I even ended up finding several information online.


What’s great with the cross dresser husband stories that I searched for is the fact that it can be a great way to fend off time as well as to entertain myself. Now, every time I will feel bored, I will definitely search for these kinds of stories and this will make me so much happier to say the least.


I read a cross dresser husband story wherein even the woman cross dressed to become a man. It was a pretty fun experiment and the couple even shared a number of their wonderful pictures. Now I am thinking that maybe I should also try doing the same thing. It would really be a great experiment for my partner and myself and it’s something to look forward to. I just need to convince my partner now to dig the idea and then we should both be fine. male to female transformation mens swimwear and so much more!!!!!