Don’t Judge a Crossdresser Husband

As a crossdresser husband, I find it rather disconcerting that there are people in the world that think I am trying to push others into being gay. There is absolutely no truth to any of that and the only reason I enjoy cross dressing so much is because it feels more natural to me. I enjoy the feeling of feminine clothing on my body and I enjoy going out in public looking like a female. If someone looks at me and thinks that they have to suddenly start sucking on cocks and having anal sex, then I’m pretty sure that it has more to do with them than me.

As with other crossdresser husbands out there, I have found it rather difficult to locate the items I want to wear on a regular basis. The biggest problem I have is in finding items that will actually fit me. After all, I don’t necessarily have a petite frame to work with here. Finding stores in my area that carry womens clothing for bodies my size has proven difficult but, thankfully, there are plenty of online stores that offer something for me to try out. If it wasn’t for them, I would probably have given up a long time ago.

Most crossdresser husbands in the world aren’t looking to change people’s minds about sexual orientation or anything else. They simply want to enjoy their lives in a way that makes them feel good about themselves and that’s it. If they happen to have a little fun on the weekends because they look like sexy women, then so be it. You have to admit that most of the womens clothing you see these days is a lot more exciting than the more masculine options that have been available. So what could possibly be wrong with trying a few of those options out for fun?

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Buying Fashions for Your Crossdresser Husband

Buying Fashions for Your Crossdresser Husband

If you want to surprise your crossdresser husband, then you need to start looking around online for something exceptionally sexy for him to wear. Of course you are going to have to go a bit out of your own comfort zone to find the things that he would really like to wear, but that is the price of having a husband that lives this type of lifestyle. You just have to make sure that you are ready to explore it with him and encourage him to live his life in the manner that makes him the happiest no matter what.

Most people do not understand what it means to have a crossdresser husband in their lives. These people simply associate this lifestyle with being a pervert that dresses up in women’s clothing so they can get off, but that isn’t even close to the truth. You know that your husband lives this way because he wants to and it makes him happy. If he is wearing something that gets him off, then it is nothing more than a bonus for him. That is why you are looking for clothes for him in the first place, so give him that bonus and see how happy he will be in return.


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Keeping Your Crossdresser Husband Out of Your Panty Drawer

Keeping Your Crossdresser Husband Out of Your Panty Drawer

My crossdresser husband has been going through my panties again and it’s starting to upset me. I don’t mind that he likes to cross dress. In fact, he looks rather sexy wearing some of the lingerie that I have, but when he starts raiding my panty drawer in order to wear them to work, it becomes a bit more than I can handle. You see, he works construction and they always come home all sweaty and stuff. I have, therefore, decided to do whatever I can in order to find some panties that he can actually wear to work instead of wearing mine.

When I started looking for panties for my lovely crossdresser husband, I found that there are some sites out there that carry them, but not the kind that I think he should be wearing. He is rather rough on the sexier panties that are made from the slinkier types of material, so I think he should be wearing something a bit more durable. It took me a while to find some like that, but once I did, I had to purchase as many as I possibly could. Now he wears his panties to work and mine stay nice and soft for me.


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Thong with dildo up the ass for crossdresser husband play time or training

Thong with plug up the ass for crossdresser husband play time or training

Knowing When to Come Out as a Crossdresser Husband

Crossdresser Husband

Knowing When to Come Out as a Crossdresser Husband

I am one of those crossdresser husbands that likes to keep his fetish side a secret from everyone. I never go out wearing one simple piece or even wear panties under my work clothes. When I go out dressed up, I tend to go all the way and never acknowledge people that I might know from work or the neighborhood. I always play the innocent female role so that I can fully experience that side of my inner being. My wife thinks I’m a bit odd for doing things this way, but she doesn’t hound me about it as much these days.

The funny thing about being a crossdresser husband is the fact that I won’t even tell my wife when I am about to change. I think keeping it a surprise is quite entertaining although I have stopped doing it on nights that we have planned to go out together. The last time I did this we had to meet her parents in town at some fancy restaurant and they weren’t exactly happy that I had shown up completely made over and looking as sexy as ever in my new high heels. She wouldn’t speak to me for almost two weeks over that little mistake.


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Crossdresser husband wearing micro undies / swimwear by

Crossdresser husband wearing micro panties/swimwear by


Crossdresser Husband and Stretching Out the Wife’s Clothes

Crossdresser Husband

Crossdresser Husband and Stretching Out the Wife’s Clothes

My crossdresser husband has a tendency to wear all of my clothing and stretches them out to something that I just can’t handle wearing anymore. When I point it out to him, he always laughs and tells me that since I can’t wear that particular item any longer, then he will be more than happy to take it from me. I have gone through a lot of clothing in this manner and it kind of upsets me. Sure, he looks cute in my clothes, but I like to think that I look cute in them as well.

If you have a crossdresser husband, then you might want to consider either purchasing him his own clothing to wear or figuring out a way of becoming the same size as your husband so that he doesn’t stretch them out any more. Now, the easiest thing to do is to purchase clothing for him if you happen to have the money to do things like that. Of course, you will have to know his size and be able to convert it into women’s measurements and that isn’t the easiest thing in the world for some people to be able to manage on a regular basis. But it’s certainly worth the effort if you can keep your own clothes.


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Crossdresser husband wearing a vagina style mens panties by

Crossdresser husband wearing a vagina style mens swimsuit by

Crossdresser Husband Find Your Own Panties!

Crossdresser Husband

Find Your Own Panties!

Following is a post from a female guest blogger:

I have a cross dresser husband that just can’t make it through the day if he isn’t wearing something of mine. I usually prefer that he wears something like a skirt or blouse but he always wants to wear my panties to work. Because of this I decided to search around online for a site that will sell panties that he could actually fit into. You see, he is rather large in the crotch area and every time he wears my panties it ends up stretching them out a bit too much.

There are quite a few sites out there that have items pertaining to your cross dresser husband that will save you money on having to purchase new panties for yourself. My husband loves the different styles and designs that I have found for him and wears his own panties to work now. This means I don’t have to get upset when I see the crotch is stretched out of mine any more. He loves his new panties and wears them all the time now, I even had to throw out his old boxers to make room for all his new panties. Finally, I have my underwear back and he can wear something sexy whenever he wants to.


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