Living Peacefully and Happily with my Crossdresser Husband

My crossdresser husband has been doing everything in his power to keep his lifestyle a secret, but I have known about it from the first day we stared dating. Its rather difficult to hide the fact that you are wearing pink panties when you are trying to change a tire and your shirt isn’t long enough to cover up your butt. As soon as he bent over, I knew this was going to be a very interesting date. I didn’t tell him I knew, though, as I wanted to see what he was going to do about it.

It took him almost two years before my crossdresser husband finally admitted to wearing womens clothing. Of course it was hard for him not to admit it when I came home from work three hours early and he was wearing one of my dresses and panties while watching television in the living room. I just smiled at him when I walked in the door and told him to not stretch any of my clothes out while he was wearing them. Naturally, he was in shock that he had gotten caught, but I didn’t care all that much as I loved him for who he was and not what he was wearing.

After all of these years, my crossdresser husband still feels a bit nervous when he is wearing anything that isn’t masculine around the house. It’s like he feels that I am going to leave him because I think he is some kind of freak, but that isn’t the truth at all. I wouldn’t care if he walked around the house in a see-through teddy and high heels as long as he was happy. I think that is the most important thing I can offer him in this relationship and I hope others out there will consider doing the same thing with their husbands.




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The Perfect Wife for a Crossdresser Husband

Crossdresser Husband

The Perfect Wife for a Crossdresser Husband

Being a crossdresser husband isn’t the worst thing in the world unless your wife doesn’t know anything about it. I tried hiding it from my wife for the first couple of years that we were married and thought I was doing a pretty good job of it for the most part. That was until I opened an anniversary present and it was a matching bra and panties set that she had picked out for me. Turns out she knew about it before we even got married and didn’t want me to feel ashamed to tell her for those first couple of years.

Now I am a crossdresser husband that can freely express his feelings whenever I want to. She does prefer that I am not all dressed up when we go out to dinner and stuff, but she has taken me to the mall a couple of times shopping while I was dressed up. I must say that living this lifestyle as a secret was one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life, but now it has taken all the weight off my shoulders. I am very lucky to have a wife that allows me to explore this side of my life and buy some of the sexiest things I have ever seen for me.

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A Surprise for my Crossdresser Husband

A Surprise for my Crossdresser Husband

I have been dealing with my crossdresser husband for a few years now as he tried to hide the fact that he enjoys wearing my clothing on a daily basis. Now, I don’t know why he would want to hide something like this from me as I am pretty open minded. However, in his need to keep his lifestyle a secret, he was stretching out my panties. When I ask him about it, he always denies it with conviction in his eyes, but I know it’s him that was doing it. So I decided to prove a point to him.

Instead of letting my crossdresser husband try to keep his secret safe and sound, I went ahead and purchased some panties that were specifically for him to wear. I, then, had them wrapped up and sitting on the table when he came home from work. I told him I got him a surprise but didn’t tell him what it was. He was very excited as he opened the present I got for him until he saw what was in the package. He looked confused at his new panties until I told him that he could wear his own from now on and leave mine alone. That seems to have solved the problem.


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Cross-dresser Husband in a male to female transformation suit by

Crossdresser Husband in a male to female transformation suit by